Ancillary Services Measurement System for Hidroelectrica

The implemented ANSER system measures ancillary services in the biggest 10 hydro power plants in Romania.
This is an ancillary services measurement checking system versus the TSO measurements, but measures also additional energy related services.

The compatibility of the classic energy measurement formats with the ancillary services formats allows the technical support for a more efficient energy generation and an ancillary services market.

anser1Main measured services:

  • f-P Secondary reserve availability
  • f-P Secondary reserve effective contribution on plus and minus orders
  • Tertiary reserve availability and contribution (including integrated effective spinning reserve)
  • Voltage secondary reserve in generator and compensatory modes
  • Quality of measurement services.

Quantitative values of the supplied ancillary services are recorded in a manner compatible with the one used for energy measurements in AMR systems: volume indexes stored every 15 minutes, as in standard energy meters.

Details of implementation

Rules depend on: Country & Contracts.

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