Intelligent Metering Systems and Smart Grid Solutions

Intelligent Metering Systems and Smart Grid Solutions

The Intelligent Metering Systems and Smart Grid Solutions are the strategic directions of our Applied R&D activity, in line with the directives of the European Commission regarding the future of the energy sector.

Our intelligent products listed below enable us to approach various projects with an innovative perspective and to fully customize the solutions in accordance with the customer needs.


SIRIUS - Smart Grid Solutions (SGS) is a software and hardware platform for intelligent power systems connectable to Smart Grid, having at core the concept of Virtual Power Entity connected to the Energy Web.
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EDEN is a package of software applications for acquisition, processing and reporting of energy data, supporting the energy business of suppliers and energy consumers.
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ANSER is a specialized package of applications for measuring, calculating and reporting the ancillary services delivered by energy producers (power plants) in the power networks.
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