Applied Research and Development

Applied Research and Development

Applied Research and Development is a strategic activity of our company, intended to support our engineering activities with customized and innovative solutions. Advanced engineering support for power systems and Smart Grid projects are the main focus areas of our Applied R&D activity.

Strategic directions


The VPE – Virtual Power Entity is an aggregation of energy producers and / or energy consumers which is informational augmented, connected to the Power Grid and in the Energy Web (over internet), 
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The UE policies require that 80% of the deployed meters until 2020 to be Smart Meters. But the actual Smart Meters are much expensive, each manufacturer has its own view on how to "smarter" the meters and there is no consensus at horizon.
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The Pyramid of Energy Services is a working concept aiming to structure the interactions between all the participants in the energy sector.
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Many of the products, concepts and visions for the future are linked with our committed participation in

European Projects and Contributions

ECRO is active at the European level in several ways:
  • as partner in consortium in several European projects, and
  • through participation in COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) actions.
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The R&D activities also keep us strongly connected to the energy community and drive us to

Scientific Involvement

Since the beginning of our Applied Research and Development activities, ECRO was tightening the scientific links with the academic community. Also its specialists were constantly publishing scientific articles and held presentations regarding the R&D results in national and international energy related papers and conferences.
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