New 110 kV Subcetate HPP Substation

Client: S.P.E.E.H. Hidroelectrica S.A. – S.H. Hateg
Contractor: S.C. Energomontaj S.A. –  I.E.A.

Subcetate Project is part of the development program of Strei River, between Subcetate and Simeria, consisting of a new Hydro Power Plant with two units, 6.98 MVA each one.

Our consultants were involved in the electrical part of the project, especially in the medium and high voltage substations.

Our role

  • Delivery of high and medium voltage primary equipment of substations
  • Delivery of the protection system of HV and MV substations
  • Delivery of the metering system
  • Technical support for engineering
  • Technical assistance for erection and commissioning of primary equipment
  • Setting, testing and commissioning of protection system
  • Setting, testing and commissioning of metering system
  • Training for client personnel.

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