FENIX – Flexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the eXpected ‘energy evolution’


The project was conducted in a consortium of 20 organizations comprising research centers and universities, transmission and distribution utilities, energy equipment and ICT manufacturers, DER (Distributed Energy Resources) owners, consulting companies.


Project name: FENIX (Flexible Electricity Networks to Integrate the eXpected ‘energy evolution’)

Status: Finalised

Programme: EU FP6

Period: 2005 – 2009

Consortium leader: IBERDROLA (ES)

Partners: 20 from 8 countries (ES, FR, UK, NL, RO: ECRO, AU, DE, SL)

EU Budget: EUR 14 mil



  • To boost Distributed Energy Resources (DER) by maximizing their contribution to the electric power system, through aggregation into Large Scale Virtual Power Plants (LSVPP) and decentralized management
  • To conceptualize, design and demonstrate a technical architecture and commercial framework that would enable DER based system to become the solution for the future cost efficient, secure and sustainable EU electricity supply system.

Our role:

  • Ancillary services concepts and measurement
  • Definition and characterizations of services to support active distribution networks with LSVPPs
  • Developments at the level of the DERs
  • Design and testing at the level of the EMS FENIX agent
  • Training courses on FENIX concepts and architecture.

LSVPP – Enhancing system security and reducing overall costs.

More about the project at: www.fenix-project.org.

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