The SMART CITY SIBIU Project aims to promote smart solutions for energy generation and consumption, as well as an effective management of the electricity and heat consumption in selected areas of Sibiu.
The project has a modular architecture, which allows for a step-by-step development towards the fulfillment of the global concept. A central platform monitors and orchestrates multiple applications.


 Technologies for a Smart City:

  • Intelligent meters and smart metering
  • Grid automation and Smart Grid applications
  • Information and communication technology
  • Transportation with electrical vehicles
  • Integration of renewables
  • Energy storage systems
  • Efficient public lighting
  • Techniques for increasing the consumers’ awareness regarding the energy consumption.

Benefits for the city:

  • Transparency, by providing synthetic information related to energy and environment
  • Modernization, through the new applied technologies
  • Perceiving the city in its wholeness, where the citizen has an active role
  • Increasing the role of municipality in more of the city life aspects
  • Creating new local business opportunities
  • Development of the city towards efficiency and sustainability.

Our role:

  • Participation to the technical coordination of the Smart City Sibiu project
  • Leading the development of Infra-Socio-Metrics module
  • Participant in the development of Smart City Hub module.


Project participants:

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