EDEN – Energy Data Engine

EDEN is a package of software applications for acquisition, processing and reporting of energy data, supporting the energy business of suppliers and energy consumers.

eden-blkEDEN is a versatile platform covering a wide range of applications of metering systems:

  • entry-level small applications of up to 10 meters, usually for industrial consumers requiring the management of their energy consumption
  • medium size applications of up to 100 meters, for bigger industrial consumers and for energy supply companies which need the metering data for energy metering business
  • large size applications of 500 – 10,000 meters or more, for very big industrial consumers and energy supply companies.

The EDEN software package is developed on Windows platform with Open Source components like SQL database, PHP and Open Office. It has a scalable, logically and/or physically distributed architecture. With this architecture the customer can incrementally invest in his metering system starting from a basic system for his today needs and migrate later to a medium or largely scaled system when the business requires an increased metering infrastructure and functionality.

In complex applications a flexible architecture can be implemented with both distributed or concentrated servers, allowing parallel processing for an increased data stream.

Representative Projects

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