VPP between Hidroelectrica HPPs and OMV Petrom 860 MW Brazi CCPP, with extended time SCADA functionality

The application takes advantage of the complementarity between the flexibility of Hidroelectrica’s Hydro Power Plants and the OMV Petrom 860 MW Brazi CCPP working under restricted conditions.

With the SIRIUS-SGS platform a balancing support functionality is provided inside the VPP, such that the balancing services acquired from the centralized market are widely reduced.


Real-time values

(available at 10-30 seconds)
u1(t), u2(t), u3(t) – line voltages
i1(t), i2(t), i3(t) – phase currents
p1(t), p2(t), p3(t) – active powers
q1(t), q2(t), o3(t) – reactive powers
Events (1 sec. resolution).


Market related values

(available at 1 min-15 min)
Pprog – programmed Power
Pp – produced Power
Eprog – contracted Energy
Eprod – produced Energy
Edez – unbalanced Energy
Tr – remained Time (sec.)

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