The VPE / VPP Concept

The VPE – Virtual Power Entity is an aggregation of energy producers and / or energy consumers which is informational augmented, connected to the Power Grid and in the Energy Web (over internet), optimizing the functionalities for which it was created – as a virtual producer, distributor, consumer or a combination of these.

vppThe most simple configuration can be made by aggregating two energy producers which from the grid perspective act as a single one. This assemblage can be assimilated to a Virtual Power Plant – VPP.

There are already many applications in which the VPP functionalities are of great interest such as mixing green power producers with classical ones.

The Hybrid VPP approach

Combining complementary resources: Wind and Hydro

The stochastic generation of the wind power plants can be balanced with controllable generation.

Simulations show that balancing of 20 MW generated by wind power plants can be achieved with 5 MW band from a hydro power plant.

Therefore as a rule of thumb we can consider:
PBand = 25% of PRENEWABLES.


Representative Projects

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