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Power Engineering and Project Management

Whether you are looking for high quality Engineering, Consultancy or Design Services or an experienced Project Management team for projects in the energy sector, you will find in our portfolio representative projects that may be close to your business needs.

Another equally important business domain is represented by

Intelligent Metering Systems and Smart Grid Solutions

Our solutions are centered around the innovative use of Smart Meters. Based on these we have created products addressing the newest and more challenging demands of major players from the energy sector. Some of the representative projects having at core these products are also listed in this section.


SIRIUS - Smart Grid Solutions (SGS) is a software and hardware platform for intelligent power systems connectable to Smart Grid, having at core the concept of Virtual Power Entity connected to the Energy Web.
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EDEN is a package of software applications for acquisition, processing and reporting of energy data, supporting the energy business of suppliers and energy consumers.
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ANSER is a specialized package of applications for measuring, calculating and reporting the ancillary services delivered by energy producers (power plants) in the power networks.
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All our products are the result of a sustained activity in the field of

Applied Research and Development

Strategic directions


The VPE – Virtual Power Entity is an aggregation of energy producers and / or energy consumers which is informational augmented, connected to the Power Grid and in the Energy Web (over internet), 
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The UE policies require that 80% of the deployed meters until 2020 to be Smart Meters. But the actual Smart Meters are much expensive, each manufacturer has its own view on how to "smarter" the meters and there is no consensus at horizon.
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The Pyramid of Energy Services is a working concept aiming to structure the interactions between all the participants in the energy sector.
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Many of the products, concepts and visions for the future are linked with our committed participation in European Projects.

All our accomplishments were possible due to an excellent cooperation with our clients and partners.
The major ones are listed below.

Major clients and partners

We value our affiliation to international and local industry organizations.
We also recommend the energy authorities’ websites for legal information and energy sector presentation.


Energy authorities

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